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Lindsey Stirling in New York at Gramercy Theatre

Written By | Cassidy Rose

On the Eve of her new album release at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City Lindsey Stirling started the night with her most recent single “Artemis” which is also the title track of the forthcoming recordThe evening went on to incorporate a handful of fresh tracks from the pending anime inspired LP including songs Underground and The Upside. The setlist also featured a variety of tracks spanning her multi album career such as hits Crystallize and Shadows. 

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The proficient violinist and gifted singer-songwriter who first rose to fame on television’s Americas Got Talent dominated the stage with her popular choreographed dancing and playing, made famous on her eponymous YouTube Channel.

Initially labelled as a hip-hop violinist in her early career Stirling now shows a wide range of inspiration from the spiritual all the way to electronic.

In between songs Stirling gracefully and gratefully addressed the crowd- encouraging them to “never think that their dreams are impossible” and ensuring them that they are certainly “enough.”

With the help of just two other musicians and her violin Stirling was able to fill the venue with an orchestra’s worth of sound. In addition to her touring band which includes a percussionist and rhythm player, she also incorporates sampled pre-recorded tracks from collaborations she has done with other artists in her recorded musical catalogue.

Lindsey played, performed, and spoke soulfully treating the concert goers as her congregation – she spoke candidly about her faith in the existence of something “greater than ourselves.”

Her goddess like spirit shined through her voice as well as in her poignant and skillful playing. Halfway through she played a moving instrumental Hallelujah and spoke heavily of her belief in Angels proclaiming: “Angels exist all around us, whispering in our ears.”

The masterful violinist closed out the night with another taste of new material, a previously unreleased song titled Guardian – a final testament to the brand-new tunes that would be released just shortly after Thursday’s festivities.

Photo Credit: Rob DeMartin

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