Bringing Disco Home to Its Birthplace & Celebrating NYC’s Longtime

Roller Skating Scene

Featuring Legendary Mega-Hitmaker Nile Rodgers As Event “Groovemaster”

Tickets On Sale Today

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New York City turns up the heat on Thursday, June 16 with the opening of The DiscOasis, a glittering, theatrical and distinctly New York immersive roller disco experience coming to Central Park’s iconic Wollman Rink through October 1. Created and produced by Constellation Immersive in partnership with Live Nation and Los Angeles Media Fund, The DiscOasis will offer exciting evening skate times & programs featuring theatrical performances with an array of live DJs, artists and special guests, as well as open skate sessions during the daytime. The sonic elements of the experience will be curated by world-renowned hit producer and event Groovemaster Nile Rodgers (CHIC, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga). Located in idyllic Central Park, Wollman Rink will be reimagined as an oasis within an oasis — inviting guests to skate, dance, and let loose in a botanical paradise where music flows and magic grows.

With a glittering roller rink fantasia as its centerpiece designed by Tony Award-nominated David Korins and lighting design by award-winning David Weiner, The DiscOasis will also feature nightly theatrical shows directed by soon-to-be-announced a Tony Award-nominated director & choreographer. There will also be interactive installations inspired by Groovemaster Nile Rodgers’ iconic catalog, a dance floor, live roller-dance performances, food and beverage service, and more. Rodgers is curating a special playlist of skate-worthy, groove-inducing tracks for each night’s local DJ to spin fresh for skaters and dancers.

Tickets are on sale beginning Today, May 10 at 11am (EDT) at and will offer WRAP (Wollman Rink Access Program) tickets on an ongoing basis. Skating sessions will be available from 10am to 10pm on Wednesdays through Sundays from June 16 until October 1.

Nile Rodgers said, “I’m a lifelong New Yorker and, for me, Central Park was always the place where big things happened — from watching Sly & the Family Stone and Diana Ross, to sharing the first moon landing and the inaugural Earth Day. Since The DiscOasis is all about celebrating New York culture, there’s no other place for it to be.”

Constellation Immersive’s CEO, Thao Nguyen said, “The DiscOasis was created as a movement to celebrate community, inclusivity, and positivity. We’re tapping New York City’s rich history — both as the birthplace of disco and its longtime connection to the urban roller-skating experience — providing an ideal and unique opportunity to gather again. We’re fortunate to have this opportunity to bring this unique immersive experience to iconic Central Park thanks to our wonderful partners, Nile Rodgers, Wollman Park Partners, Live Nation and Los Angeles Media Fund.”

Live Nation’s Geoff Gordon, Regional President Northeast said, “Disco started here in the heart of New York City, inspiring a movement and celebration of inclusiveness, love, and beauty. The DiscOasis immersive experience, which drew record crowds last summer in Los Angeles, will recreate that magic and bring Disco home to New York City. We’re excited to partner with Constellation Immersive, Los Angeles Media Fund, and the amazingly talented Nile Rodgers to reimagine the Disco movement through this immersive, musical, and moving experience for residents across New York City and beyond in legendary Central Park, home to many memorable and celebratory cultural and musical experiences.”

IMPRINTent, IMPRINT Entertainment, YOUR CULTURE HUB, New York, New York City, The Discoasis, Wollman Rink, Live Nation, Los Angeles Media Fund, Groovemaster Nile Rodgers, David Weiner

Los Angeles Media Fund’s Jeffrey Soros and Simon Horsman said, “We are so excited to be working with such excellent partners to bring what we feel is the perfect summer-long party for this moment in New York City.”

Wollman Rink’s Vice President & General Manager, Stefanie Tomlin said, “On behalf of the Wollman Park Partners and our principals – Josh Harris and David Blitzer, Founders of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment; Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies; and Harvey Spevak, Executive Chairman and Managing Partner, Equinox Group – we are thrilled to host The DiscOasis at Wollman Rink this summer. After an incredibly hard two years of COVID, where New York City was one of the hardest hit places in the nation, the joy and sense of normalcy that roller skating will bring to the City’s residents and visitors alike is a moment we’ve all been yearning for. Roller skating is an activity everyone can enjoy and is in line with Wollman Park Partners’ mission of creating a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive space that will, in tandem, bolster NYC’s economic recovery. We look forward to working with The DiscOasis to bring this vision to life in a new and immersive way.”

An earlier iteration of The DiscOasis was presented in Los Angeles, where its sold-out run was a 2021 highlight event. The Los Angeles Times wrote, “The party of the summer is a secret roller-skating disco at an LA botanical garden,” and Fast Company named Constellation Immersive one of its Top 10 Most Innovative Live Events Companies “for reviving the roller disco and just in time.”

A portion of the proceeds from The DiscOasis benefits the We Are Family Foundation, which creates and supports programs that promote cultural diversity and empower youth who are changing the world with bold ideas. The Foundation takes its name from the 1979 disco hit “We Are Family,” sung by Sister Sledge and written/produced by “Groovemaster” Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards.

New Yorkers have been avid roller skaters for more than a century — in parks, on streets, and at the city’s roller rinks — with skating clubs and regular events continuing today. Roller skating’s dynamic heyday was the disco era, with its accompanying infectious, danceable tracks and diverse gatherings at legendary ‘70s & early ‘80s dance clubs like Studio 54, Paradise Garage, Funhouse, Xenon, and many others. The DiscOasis continues this bastion of self-expression & inclusivity today with a classic and new soundtrack carrying the torch.

Opened in 1950 and reopened last year under new operators WPP, Wollman Rink (830 5th Avenue) has been a favorite New York destination for decades.The rink’s mission is to promote an inclusive, welcoming and healthy environment for all visitors in partnership with its community partners that include Great Performances, Celebrity Chef Melba Wilson, YMCA of Greater New York, Ice Hockey in Harlem, Figure Skating in Harlem, The Boys’ Club of New York and Green City Force. Ice skating at the rink is one of the most popular activities for residents and tourists alike along with numerous year-round programming and events It provides a magical skating experience, under a star-filled sky while surrounded by the splendor of the Manhattan skyline. The iconic rink is less than a five-minute walk from the Park’s south entrance at W. 59th Street and 6th Avenue. It has been featured in many films, including Home Alone 2, Lost in New York, and Serendipity.