Written by: Bradley Reiter
kodiYoung Hip Hop artists aims to chart her own path with new single Thinking Bout U.

Atlanta born artists Kodie Shane is on the verge of becoming the next big breakout Hip Hop star, but the success has been years in the making. Only 19 years old, she has been recording since she was 14 when she released a number of singles including “Crown Me” and “Sad”. Her first big break came shortly thereafter as she gained notoriety joining Lil Yachty’s Saling Team. Anxious to chart her own path, she is set to soon release her debut full length album Young Heartthrob.

Kodie has been lauded as a budding superstar for her tightly wound rhymes, clever lyrics and genre mixing beats. Thinking Bout U” continues to build on the sound that helped her inclusion on Teen Vougue’s 21 Under 21 Most influential issue. It showcases a laid back melodic guitar mixed with crisp high hat and tight bass. Lyrics are both playful and flirty while also paying homage to some of her favourite rappers including Lil Wayne. Kodie’s laid back style feels at home in the pocket of a strong grove that comes naturally and is easy to listen to.

Kodie Shane has garnered praise from Vogue, Mass Appeal and others and looks poised to be the next big breakout voice in mainstream hip hop. While previously known primarily as a rapper, Kodie contends she wants to be known as multi-faceted musician rather than be pigeon holed into one specific genre. Her new single highlights her versatility and musical range as future R & B star. With Young Hearthrob set to be released soon, Kodie Shane will be one of the names to watch in 2019.

Keep up-to-date with all things Kodie Shane by checking out her official website, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and spotify. Listen to ‘Thinking Bout You” below.

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