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Wale’s “Wow…That’s Crazy” Tour in Atlanta at the Believe Music Hall

Written By | Christian Dalcoe


Wow… That’s Crazy is the sixth studio album by American rapper Wale. It was released on October 11, 2019. With big singles such as “On chill”, BGM, and Love & Loyalty there’s no wonder that the Believe Music Hall of Atlanta was so packed with fans this Valentine’s Day. 

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Wale started his tour in Brooklyn but had no choice other than to come down to one of his favorite cities Atlanta. The Believe Music Hall was the venue for this Grammy nominated artist. The venue which holds up to 800 people was a very upfront and personal look at how a concert can be done. Towards the end of the night the Believe Music Hall was packed with around 1000 fans all chanting Wale’s name.


The night started with Wale holding a Meet & Greet for his most loyal fans. He came out and took photos with all of them and received gifts from many. After the meet and greet more of his fans were allowed to come inside and take their places as the show was soon to start.

Las Vegas Rapper Yowda came out to perform some his singles from his album “Curse of a Criminal Mind”. The crowd welcomed Yowda with open arms, everyone seemed to enjoy his performance. 

After Yowda it was notorious DJ Money who got the crowd hyped with radio hits and some throwbacks that only Atlanta natives would know. As he got the crowd on their toes, chanting and screaming for Wale to come out.


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Wale then surprised us by jumping on stage and diving right into his show, ready to perform for all the couples and fans that spent their Valentine’s Day with none other than him. As he performed songs from his previous albums such as Ambition and Shine, fans were mouthing every word. He them took a break to Thank his fans for coming out to see him and wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and continued to woo the crowd with his amazing stage presence and love for his craft.

Photos By | Christian Dalcoe

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