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Written and Captured By | Chantal Burau

The Manchester based quartet The Slow Readers Club stopped on their UK & EU-Tour in Berlin at Hole 44 for an atmospheric night. They were supported by October Drift, a shoe gaze and indie-rock band, also from the UK. 

October Drift started off strong and with high energy, with singer Kiran Roy jumping off stage and joining the crowd with his guitar during the first song and later on also could be found on top of the bar singing. Besides that, they showed off their different sound influences like shoe gaze and indie rock, mixed with the double-acting dynamic of loud and quiet grunge elements. 

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Right in time for The Slow Readers Club to enter the stage, the room filled up a bit more. And as it turned out in the course of the evening, the British indie-electro quartet also had a lot of British super-fans in tow, who took up at least a quarter of the club and seemed the most energetic. Offering their fans a setlist mixed with older and newer songs, with many fan-favorites for everyone to enjoy, like “You Open Up my Heart“, “Lunatic“, “Plant the Seed“ or “Forever in Your Debt“. They also showed the development of their different soundscapes and influences of the different albums. From their dark edge added to the guitar-heavy pop sounds to the stronger electronic-influenced sound on their latest album. Another highlight of the show was The Slow Readers Club extending and playing part of a song again for the audience to sing, as they continued to sing along after the song was done.

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Closing off the night with “Lunatic“ as their last song, leaving their fans wanting and chanting for more, they later also joined the merch-stand as a conclusion to the evening.


Chantal Burau