Vola Stop In Berlin For A Heavy And Melodic Evening At The Cassiopeia In Berlin

Written By | Chantal Burau

Vola and openers Voyager stopped at the Cassiopeia in Berlin on the infamous RAW-Friedrichshain, to continue to celebrate the release of their latest album Witness. The evening was filled with heavy, melodic elements and an inspiring mood, that perfectly complemented each other. 

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Voyager, a five-piece band from Australia, raised the mood of the fully packed club. Their set was filled with interesting experimental songs that combined electronic sounds, heavy breakdowns and clean vocals. One highlight close to the beginning of their set was a giant inflatable ball, which (of course) after a few passes between the crowd and the band, didn’t take too long to burst on the guitar later. With a relatively packed stage as well, the quintett still delivered with strong guitar riffs and drums. Another was the singer’s parents being in the audience. They definitely fueled up the atmosphere of the crowd with their performance over all and interacting with the them, leaving them wanting more and setting the tone for Vola. 

With the club still filled up with high energy to the roof, Vola continued, where Voyager left off. Their set started off slightly calmer than the one before, with more melodic elements to the songs. 

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The danish and swedish four-piece went on with a mix of calmer songs with a lot of synth and keyboard elements, like “24 Light-Years“ and heavier songs, like “Straight Lines“ (both from their latest album Witness). With heavier guitar sounds and drums, each accompanied by the soothing, still powerful voice of vocalist Asger Mygind, the smaller club almost didn’t really do them justice and barely left enough room for all of the impressions of the music to really take effect. Which the fans didn’t really mind and joined in the great atmosphere with lots of head-banging and moshing through out the whole show. 


Photos By | Chantal Burau