Whispering Sons Stop For A Powerful Evening At Hole 44 In Berlin

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Written & Captured By | Chantal Burau

The Belgian post-punk five-piece stopped at Hole 44 in Berlin on their European tour. Supported by the german quartet Swirlpool, Whispering Sons spend the energetic evening mainly showing off songs from their latest album Several Others (2021). 

The show started with the set of Swirlpool, setting the mood of the evening with their floating and  dynamic shoegaze sound, mixed with melodic ambience elements. 

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Soon after the rebuild break Whispering Sons entered the stage. Starting off strong, they played Dead End (Several Others), showing off the strong and unique voice of singer Fenne Kuppens right from the start. Filling the room with darker and stronger sounds and energy, it didn’t take long for the crowd to grow and fill the club almost completely. Between songs like Heat, Surface (both from the latest album), Stalemate or Got a Light (both from Image 2018) you can hear the slight refinement in their unique style. The mixture of faster, powerful and slower, darker songs let Fenne Kuppens deep and rough voice shine even more. Paired with the dynamic and darker guitar, drum and bass sounds, as well as keys and an impressive light show, the set was really ecstatic and had the crowd answer with what can be described as extra light moshing like moves and head banging. The audience was broad and there was no specific fan-target group.

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A highlight of their set was a performance, a little slower and calmer accompanied by keys, that gave the song almost a poetry-improve like sound. After a, at least on the part of the bass player, dramatic exit before the encore, they continued with said encore with the fan-favorite single Wall. The song, taken from their first EP Endless Party from 2015, was another highlight of their set and let them show off their uncompromising, atmospheric and darker take on post-punk.