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17-year-old producer and songwriter quinn announces a new self-titled album, which will be released via deadAir on July 22, 2022. The announcement arrived with a teaser today promising that “You never in your life heard some shit like this!”

Having risen to notoriety within the internet music community at the young age of 15 while still evolving as a musician, quinn has often been defined and pigeonholed by her earliest output. Throughout 2019 and 2020 quinn became one of the most visible and prolific purveyors of what came to be known as “hyperpop” and perhaps embodied its progressive and divergent nuance more than anyone else. After releasing music under several different monikers over the last few years, all the while cloaking her true identity, she retreated from her very online presence for most of 2021, re-emerging in September with her debut album Drive-By-Lullabies. 

Her second and self-titled album is set to drop next month to widespread anticipation. The new self-produced, self-written work is not just a brief look into the life of any disparaged teen like on Drive-By-Lullabies. Rather, it is a deeply personal statement; a vehicle to set the record straight as to who “quinn” really is in the form of an album. quinn is a cathartic moment for her — you can hear it in the record’s submerging and candid mix of soul, hip-hop, and electronica. It’s an exercise in narrative building and self-expression with no boundaries or parameters. 

quinn is also a founding member and creative director of deadAir — the label and management company that will be releasing this album. Co-founded by Billie Bugara and Jesse Taconelli in November 2021, dA serves as an independent setting for music’s youthful future to thrive in outside of the major record industry. Its roster includes quinn, Jane Remover (fka ‘dltzk’), Kuru, and Saturn.

The quinn album will also arrive accompanied by a merchandise collection. All designs are done in-house by deadAir’s’ creative team. The collection features illustrations/designs from dA’s fashion director Mya Urso, as well as additional designs from dA’s graphic lead Yams.

Check out the teaser video, album art, and stay tuned for more news from quinn.

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